If you are unable to enjoy the foods you once loved because you cannot chew them anymore, then the Snap-In Dentures can help. Unlike more traditional dentures, they snap securely to your jaw using several mini implant devices with O-rings, so there are no sticky glues or adhesives to worry about. With no slipping or movement, you can go back to eating foods you may not have been able to enjoy for years because you were worried about your dentures coming loose. If you’re tired of eating soft, mashed-up foods because of your dentures or missing teeth, Snap-In Dentures can help you enjoy delicious food again.

What are the benefits of Snap-In Dentures?

– Instead of hassling with adhesives and glues, and worrying about mouth sores from dentures that move around on your gums, snap on dentures snap into place and stay put, improving your oral health and giving you peace of mind that they will not move until you’re ready to snap them off.

– Snap-In Dentures are designed to be attached to the head of several mini dental implants previously placed in your jawbone. The head of the mini implants and the O-Rings placed at the dentures creates the “Snap” effect when you place them, you take the adapted denture on and off easily. When the new adapted denture is snapped over the mini implants it becomes a steady device, it will not move or wiggle, avoiding any gum soars.

– With their easy snap-on, snap-off functionality, you can take them out for proper cleaning and maintenance, then pop them back in for a beautiful, confident smile every day.

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