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Let’s face it. No one likes coming to the dentist. Almost every day, we get those anxious patients who would rather do a million other things with their day than come to the dentist. Sometimes, they’ll cancel or change their appointment date minutes before they’re scheduled to come in. We’ve even seen patients check in with our receptionist and walk out seconds later. Dental anxiety has been a problem for us dentists for years now and has greatly affected the way we’re perceived in our society.

Finally, someone has shed some light on this problem.

What if we told you that you could come in for an appointment and not have to worry about getting a painful shot, being drugged by an anesthesia or hear that painful winding noise from one of our instruments? Would you believe me? Chances are, you probably wouldn’t. Well, that is why we’re here to inform you of the future of dentistry. A world where no one has to worry about coming into a dental office feeling anxious or scared. Seems impossible right?

Well, believe it or not, the journey to this world begins now. Convergent Dental has created a device that will put an end to dental anxiety and restore people’s desire to do something about their oral health, no holds bar. The device is called Solea. A drill-free laser instrument controlled by a foot pedal that enables practitioners to fill cavities and cut both hard and soft tissue accurately without ANY anesthesia. This means that patients no longer have to fear over getting a shot or ever hear a drill ever again!

We’ve used this miracle device on a number of our patients and every single one of them absolutely love it. They can never believe how fast it takes to fill a cavity or how they never feel a thing in the process.

Here’s a video of Dr. Rutner using the laser on one of our patients:

Solea is the future. We already get patients who ask for Solea whenever they need restorative work done. We see these patients feeling more relaxed and calm when coming into our office. The best part about this device, is that it allows us dentists to do what we love. And that is to provide exceptional dental care to those in our community without any interference.

To learn more about the Solea Laser, head to our Solea page on our website.

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